Helping Boston #runforboston and the London Marathon

What a few weeks it has been. Two big running events - one that ended in tragedy 😦 Seeing the running community in Boston attacked a week or so ago was horrific and heartbreaking and I pray for those affected and those that were hurt and I hope that it doesn't deter people from running... Continue Reading →

Tough run up Mount Cootha and Marathon envy

I ran up Mount Cootha this morning, up along the road and back and it was a tough 10.5k run, the longest I have run since I got sick, and I felt every stride. I felt great afterwards but whilst running it I really had to fight to not stop and walk. It was a... Continue Reading →

It’s London Marathon time!

Tomorrow is the London Marathon and I always get nostalgic and a little bit homesick thinking back to when I ran it as my first marathon back in 2003. I only did the London Marathon once but after I had done mine I went to the event each year to cheer on other people that... Continue Reading →

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