Run and be rewarded: 100 points for free using my code – points make prizes! @RunningHeroesAU

I was approached by a company called Running Heroes a while back that has just launched in Australia. They told me that the concept was simple:   Run and be rewarded I figured - hmm there has to be a catch - but no there isn't and it is pretty simple and a great idea.... Continue Reading →

Product Review : Polar Loop Activity bracelet

I have a Garmin 405cx and used to love it so much but since coming back to running since having bub I don't like it as much. I mean I like what it does and the data it gives but I don't like the bulkiness which hurts my wrists and the fact that the battery... Continue Reading →

Vegemite free Olympics app

I don't know about you but I cannot wait until the Olympics. I've always been a huge fan and wrote my dissertation about them and worked at the Games in Atlanta in 1996. I am counting down until they start and I will be holding out to watch the athletics and most importantly (to me)... Continue Reading →

Off sick

Typical isn't it. Whenever I am training well - I get sick! I've been training really well and have been unwell for the last couple of days so am having a rest, no point in pushing when my chest feels like it is about to cave in and my head like there is a constant... Continue Reading →

Inspirational reading

Whenever I am suffering from demotivation or have a race coming up I rummage through my bookshelf knowing exactly what to do - I read one of the inspirational books about running and courageous sports people that I have and it helps me every time.

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