One step at a time – but we survive

Where life and my running has been concerned it really has in the last 6 months felt like all I could do is to put one step in front of the other. Last year was up and down with running - but towards the end of the year I was so excited to be back... Continue Reading →

When your body is telling you to rest…

It happens to us all...we work hard, train hard, and push and push - until our body finally kicks back and says STOP. That's been me for the last 5 days - sick with flu and absolutely no training- it sucks! I have a fairly demanding job, life and top that with trying to train... Continue Reading →

It’s ok not to be perfect

I was umming and ahhhing whether to write this on a published post that everyone could see but figured there might be other people that have felt or currently feel the same way.Since the birth of my baby in fact since being pregnant I have had getting back into exercise on my mind especially my... Continue Reading →

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