Zero in clearly equals zero out!

I've been back running for a while now since my Physio signed me off, and all in all it has been great getting back onto the trails and pavement. This has been a good week of running, especially after I discovered that there are showers at work - meaning I can run at lunch times.... Continue Reading →

Achieving those running goals

I haven't written in a while quite simply because I felt like I had nothing exciting to say! The year so has been a roller coaster ride life wise, and I felt a real 'can't be bothered' attitude where my running was concerned. Everything that I originally wanted to do just got put in the... Continue Reading →

Running and life goals

I finally decided it was time to get back to my keyboard and to start writing again after having a couple of weeks of neglecting my blog. I hesitated and to be honest I have not been at all motivated to write the last few weeks with work commitments, general lethargy and actually not even... Continue Reading →

Running Goals for 2017

As I started writing this post yesterday I was sat looking out of the window at the rain pouring down! It has been so sticky lately - I hoped that the rain would lighten the humidity - but no - it has stayed humid. Today has been slightly better but I am actually looking forward to... Continue Reading →

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