Ideas for what to do post marathon

The last week or so has been a roller coaster. I was interviewed at the Garmin Legends Lunch at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and then ran the Marathon and then it all came to a standstill. After I crossed the finish line there was an initial high of sharing my news that I had... Continue Reading →

Training and Schedules – do you use one?

Hope your training is going well. There are a few races coming up that I have friends training for such as the Sydney City to Surf (I am hoping to do this next year), The Sunshine Coast running festival and if you are really crazy then Tough Mudder is next weekend. I have a few... Continue Reading →

Running out of steam

What a few weeks it has been. Besides the nightmare of the floods in Queensland which thankfully I was not affected, I started a new job and failed my driving test. Why am I talking about that on a running blog you may ask...... because my job is 5.5k up the road and not being... Continue Reading →

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