Learning my limits

I've pushed myself to my limits the last few weeks with a huge work deadline, trying to fit in training and spending time with my family. It has been really tough to be honest.  Last week was all consuming and I didn't run bar the Saturday before where I did a park run, and the... Continue Reading →

Three countries in a week and very cold running!

Last week wasn't foreseen. I had to fly back to the UK for a family members funeral. It was a very sad occasion and a whistlestop visit - with 5 nights in total in the UK and 2 in Singapore. My running kit was the first to go into my suitcase. I figured it would... Continue Reading →

Running Goals for 2017

As I started writing this post yesterday I was sat looking out of the window at the rain pouring down! It has been so sticky lately - I hoped that the rain would lighten the humidity - but no - it has stayed humid. Today has been slightly better but I am actually looking forward to... Continue Reading →

Review of 110% calf sleeves

I've often watched athletics on TV and seen athletes running in what look like long socks, and more recently seen runners in mass races wearing them too. My attitude has always been there is no way I would wear them having quite big calves...until now. I am a convert!! Realigntech contacted me to see whether I... Continue Reading →

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