Tips for drinking more water in general and running 

What a week it has been. It was my son's birthday party this week, and we had over 30 people at the house including kids which was awesome but crazy! We survived and I even made the time to make my son a monster truck cake - but I have spent the rest of the... Continue Reading →

Are you preparing yourself for your run?

This week has been tough so far and it's only Wednesday! Last night I had to train - I had a 7k to run followed by squats (thanks Roger!) and an hour or so before I just didn't want to train. It's the first time since I embarked on my marathon training that I felt... Continue Reading →

The joys of summer training

Wow it has been hot the last week or so in Brisbane, thankfully today is a bit cooler, but still sticky! I've found myself missing the cool weather in the UK and longing for my husband to treat me to that spa and swimming pool I've aways dreamed of! Training has been tough in the... Continue Reading →

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