My Races

This page is a work in progress. I am trying to remember all the races I have done and list them along with times if I can find the details..

As you can see I am not a majorly fast runner but I have had an awesome time running some of these races and plan to continue…


Bridge to Brisbane (for fun) 56 mins- see my race recap 

River Run – total for team was 9 hrs 15 – see my race recap 

Gold Coast Airport Marathon – 4:34.35 – see my race recap 


Park Run 5k (January) – 25 mins something. Was a hot day and first race back after holidays so I wasn’t expecting great times!


Brisbane Road Runners 5k (August) 24.55 – was the third woman 🙂

Ipswich Park2Park – very hilly but enjoyable course. Time was 25.35 – came in as 28th woman and 4th for my age group.

Mothers Day 8k – 42.40 – again wasn’t very well so this time was slower than 2010!

International Womens Day 5k – 25 mins 06 – shouldn’t have run as was sick!

2010 in Australia from now on

Mothers day 8k – 41 min 12

Doomben 10k – 54 mins

Gold Coast Half Marathon (21k) 1 hours 59 secs

Townsville Half Marathon (21k)– 1 hours 58 secs (with a 3 minute toilet break!!)

2010 Cool Night Classic (5.2k) – 26 mins 10


Bridge to Brisbane 10k – 1hr 04


Chester Half Marathon (21k) – 2 hrs 06


Paris Marathon (42k)– time TBC

This was the year my poor husband to be saw me stagger over the finish line, directed me to the nearest toilet and I was ill. He made me promise after that no more full marathons!

Race for Life 5k, Leicester – 24 minutes I think

Race for Life 5k, Chester – 24-25 mins I think


Robin Hood Half Marathon (21k)– 1 hr 58

Hastings Half Marathon (21k) – terrible undulating race! My time was abysmal!

Leicester Half Marathon (21k) – in the days when this race started at Mallory Park. I enjoyed this race – it was a bit chilly from what I can remember though – so it was beany and gloves time.


Berlin Marathon (42k) – 4 hr 21

Race for Life 5k – 21/22 minutes I think this was my super duper time where I did a PB of 21 minutes – never did a race in that time again… was 2004 or 2003. I came 6th in the whole race which was awesome for me.

British 10k, London – can’t remember time but I know this year it was a hot year and both my friend and I struggled to push through but I think I did a reasonable time.

Newark Half Marathon – my time on this was approx 2hr15 – it was a heatwave and the race didn’t start until something stupid like 11am and as I was running round I watched in horror as people passed out, threw up and pulled out of the race. I crawled round and finished but with a bit of heat exhaustion vowing never to do it again!


London Marathon (42k) – 4 hours 24

First and best marathon from enjoyment point of view. The crowds were awesome, the people that helped me train were awesome – I was on a high after this race although couldn’t walk properly for a week, having to walk down the stairs backwards!

Dublin Marathon (42k)– best not to say as it was a long time (over 5 hours – had to walk part of it as had injury – stupid me kept going!)

Reading Half Marathon (21k)– 1 hr 51

Great South Run 10 miles (16k) – 1 hr 30 I think – I remember being disappointed with this time

Race for life 5k – not sure of time

Kingston 16 (25k), London – can’t remember time but I think it was a reasonable one

Nike 10k, London – not sure of time

Flora 5k – not sure of time


The Great North Run Half Marathon (21k)– 2 hr 20 – First Half Marathon and was overly cautious as people had said it was hilly, got to end and felt I could keep going which tells me I could have gone much faster!!

British 10k, London – not sure of time

Nike 10k, London – not sure of time

Flora 5k – not sure of time – possibly 28 mins


Flora 5k, London – I think this was my first 5k and I did 35 mins

Nike 10k, London – not sure of time but I remember this was my first race and where I had a nightmare with my shoes and clothing.

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