PR and Requests

Product reviews
Do you have a product that you would like to be reviewed and featured on TheGirlThatRuns? I am happy to consider product testing and reviews provided they are products I believe in and feel would benefit my readers. Please contact me outlining your request. If you need a media pack I am able to send one if needed.


If you are interested in advertising on TheGirlThatRuns please contact me.

Fun Run promotion
Are you running a fun run in Queensland that you would like to list? If you would like to add an event to my race diary please send me the details and I will add them for you. Or if you have other ideas regarding how I could help you promote the event please highlight in your email.

I am always happy to talk about how I got into running and to help promote general health and fitness. Drop me an email with an outline of what you are interested in and your contact details.

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  1. Hi

    We’re an energy drink company. No, not that energy drink company, we’re different. We don’t do a one-syrup-fits-all rush. Vuka offers Intelligent Energy. We let you choose the kind of boost you need to enhance what you already have.

    Our 3 flavors Workout, Think and Renew, do exactly that, by using a delicious (because why should an energy drink taste bad?) combination of natural ingredients and supplements specifically formulated to give you exactly what you need from your energy drink.

    We could go on because we’re really proud of our drink. But our product is the best marketing tool we have. So please allow us to send you some samples to try. Just email me back with your details and we’ll make sure you’re sipping on some Intelligent Energy ASAP and, if you’re inspired to give us a mention, that would be awesome.

    Robyn Cottrell
    Digital Ingoma Vuka Energy

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