Running tools

helpful running tools Please see below a few useful tools that may be useful to you in your running. I’ll add more as I find them:

Km per minute – Km per hour converter  – helps when trying to work out race pace or for treadmills that only show the km per hour details.

Map my Run – useful tool if you don’t have a GPS training watch. I do have a Garmin now but used to use this before I had one. Available on the website and as an iPhone app.

My Fitness Pal – great tool for monitoring calories and food intake, enabling you to add exercise against it.

Heart Rate Zones – work out your maximum heart rate

Pace Calculator – this calculator shows you where you are at based on the fastest time you have run a distance – quite useful

Physio Advisor  – useful website and has a great iPhone app to assist with sports injuries. Of course don’t use this instead of seeing a physician but it is useful to get more information and suggestions for strengthening exercises.

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