Product Review: 2XU Elite Compression Shorts

RunStopShop sent me a pair of 2XU Elite Compression Shorts to try out and the plan was to wear them whilst I was overseas on holiday. I did try them once in Macau but wanted to try them a few more times before reviewing them, and on arriving into the UK it was way too cold... Continue Reading →

Wear decent socks when running or pay the price with blisters as I discovered!

I made another running mistake at the weekend. I wore old running socks. I was running 10km and by the end I was in agony where my socks had rubbed the inner section of the foot. I had raced out of the door as I was late getting up and I hadn't got my kit... Continue Reading →

2XU Outlet store

Facebook ads actually worked for me yesterday and an ad showing 2XU outlet store came up. If you're anything like me and love buying new gear go for it! Here's the link. The prices are excellent! Happy shopping!

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