Baby Max has arrived

Sorry - long time no talk! I haven't written anything in a week or three as our baby finally arrived! He arrived!! Max was born at the end of April - it was a fairly quick labour and nice and pain free thanks to the epidural I made sure I had! I read lots of articles... Continue Reading →

Kickstarting training with a detox

The last few weeks have seriously been a blur. I had three work events in three weeks and I am still recovering now. We had an open day, then an event in Rocky for 4 days and then an event in Brisbane for 4 days and whilst I assured myself before they all started that... Continue Reading →

Change of direction

I'm thinking about swimming. One of the girls that I know that goes to the gym is a triathlete and put the idea in my head of swimming in order to tone and improve my fitness. I've been feeling a bit fat and untoned so I mentioned this to her and she said what about... Continue Reading →

All change!

It's all change from next week! I'll be a lady of leisure as my job is coming to an end. I shouldn't say this but i am actually looking forward to not having to get up at 5am to fit my training in. I'm planning an extensive training programme! In fact I got quite excited... Continue Reading →

My races

I was going through some stuff at home the other day and I came upon a box of medals that I have had from the races I have run. It's funny because it seems to be now that entering a fun run or general race means you get a medal  even if you don't win.... Continue Reading →

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