How do you know if you are overtraining?

Have you ever been an overtrainer? I have. I went through a period where I wanted to train and train, and my times got really good and I didn't want to rest because I was worried I would lose my fitness (in one day yeah!). I've been thinking a lot lately about my running and... Continue Reading →

Energy levels = nil

Had a difficult week last week with energy levels being nil! I managed to do a nice 7k run yesterday so feeling better. In my experience when I feel lethargic and find it hard to train I generally look at a number of things: 1. Am I getting enough sleep? 2. Am I drinking enough... Continue Reading →

Toe nails come and go….

I remember running my first race and I ran in some trainers that I thought looked cool, they were brand new too, and I also ran in some old weather tshirt material cycling shorts - big mistake.

One heel of a problem…

I have found in my time running that if I feel any kind of pain to stop and not run through it. Often there is simply a muscle strain or twinge but more than often in my case it has been something more severe. I made the mistake of running through a rolled ankle once thinking it would be ok, and ended up off my feet and not running for quite some time.

How do you start running?

I am very excited as one of my very good friends who has always been a 'non' runner asked me for some tips on how she should start. How far, how much and generally just HOW.

Gym memberships – are they really worth it?

Here in Australia I hardly actually go to the gym now because I run outside a lot and haven't been doing too as much weight work as I would like, so this mornings debacle got me thinking whether I actually need it. So I thought in today's post I would highlight my thoughts based on my experiences with gyms, why being a member is a good thing.... Reasons why gym memberships are good 1. When you really don't feel like training if you go to the gym

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