There’s something to be said for hauling yourself to the gym even when don’t you feel like it!

I felt tired yesterday. All day I kept thinking, 'I'm meant to be going to the gym tonight.....really don't want to go....' Have you ever had that? I spent the afternoon drinking lots of fluids and convincing myself I should go to the gym and then by 4pm I decided - nope I'm not going.... Continue Reading →

Another 5k race done and dusted

Today was the day of my first Brisbane Road Runners (BRRC) 5k. I thought I would try a BRRC race as they have them every month and it's a great way to see improvements over the same course again and again. I get bored of running round Forest Lake all the time so it's nice... Continue Reading →

Change of direction

I'm thinking about swimming. One of the girls that I know that goes to the gym is a triathlete and put the idea in my head of swimming in order to tone and improve my fitness. I've been feeling a bit fat and untoned so I mentioned this to her and she said what about... Continue Reading →

A week of no commitment

The last week has been hit and miss where training is concerned. I also graduated from a course that I did which didn't help as we went out at night and being out and having a late night (and alcohol) messed up my routine - that's my excuse anyway! I find sometime that if I... Continue Reading →

Back on the horse…

It's been an interesting couple of weeks with trying to finish college work (i graduate from a graphic design course in a couple of weeks!), and also finishing a job I resigned from a while ago. I have been really distracted and demotivated to train which has been a real pain as I was running... Continue Reading →

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