Exercise Vs Healthy Diet

Hope you had a great weekend. I was talking to a good friend last week and we got to talking about exercise and diet. I know a lot of people who rely on their training to keep them trim and if they weren't training they would be much larger than they are because their diet... Continue Reading →

Cookbook Review : LivWise by Olivia Newton John

I love cooking from scratch and cooking healthy food. I like the idea of knowing what's in what i am eating so I have a big range of cookbooks. A lot of them I have only used once but a good number have become my staples in the kitchen. I recently got the LivWise cookbook... Continue Reading →

Great Pea Soup Recipe

I love my food. I love good food, and that doesn't mean unhealthy food. ¬†Although I do like some unhealthy food, but I eat a lot less of it these days. Now that it's getting cold and dark in Queensland I have found myself craving soup and there is nothing better than getting in from... Continue Reading →

Sick and training setback

Well I had a minor setback with my running this week. I was doing so well with my training and eating then BAM I got sick on wednesday night and have been sick since. I am at the tail end of a virus/cold now but haven't been able to do any training, haven't been able... Continue Reading →

Knowing when too much is too much

So I am going into my second month of P90x and maintaining my running two to three times a week and I will see how it goes, however I think the lunacy back to back workouts need to reduce in order to keep my sanity!

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