Low Carb High Fats and Running

I've been running since 2001, and even before then I exercised. Exercise and diet have always been very important to me. ¬†For many years I have eaten healthily and run a lot but yet I have always felt that has never been representative in how I look. I even remember when on a business trip... Continue Reading →

Sugar free living and running – sugar free bars product review @well_naturally

Whilst I was pregnant I was completely off sugar. I just didn't want to touch it - whereas normally I had a real sweet tooth so it wasn't a bad thing actually. Since my son was born a year ago I have made a concerted effort not to eat much sugar and looked into sugar... Continue Reading →

Great Pea Soup Recipe

I love my food. I love good food, and that doesn't mean unhealthy food. ¬†Although I do like some unhealthy food, but I eat a lot less of it these days. Now that it's getting cold and dark in Queensland I have found myself craving soup and there is nothing better than getting in from... Continue Reading →

So how much chocolate did you eat??

Easter Monday - Easter is nearly over and I can safely say I haven't really eaten too much chocolate! My husband and I never read got into the buying one another Easter Eggs so we've been pretty frugal chocolate wise this Easter - although we did buy a bar and share it yesterday does that... Continue Reading →

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