Morning Run done and friendly challenge completed!

I opted to run outside this morning instead of at the gym and so I wrapped up for what reminded me of a UK autumn - in my beanie hat, long sleeved top, short singlet and long tights and trotted off. As I was running I was feeling decidedly chipper and I remembered talking to... Continue Reading →

Well done to Haile

For those of you that don't already know, my running hero is the Ethiopian runner Haile Gebreselassie. He has inspired me in a number of ways; his sheer determination, his achievements and his continuous commitment to helping his country. Haile has bounced back from so many lows in terms of when he has had injuries... Continue Reading →

It’s London Marathon time!

Tomorrow is the London Marathon and I always get nostalgic and a little bit homesick thinking back to when I ran it as my first marathon back in 2003. I only did the London Marathon once but after I had done mine I went to the event each year to cheer on other people that... Continue Reading →

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