4 things to do when recovering from an injury

We are 12 days into 2016 and my year didn't really start as planned. I planned to kick start my training but instead ended up on the bench resting over Christmas and then running very short and slow runs last week as well as doing lots of physio exercises thanks to bursitis on my hip.... Continue Reading →

Tips for avoiding blisters when running

I was all set to write a post following my long run two Saturdays ago -  and then it went a bit wrong and I've been a bit down in the dumps ever since - so I decided rather than throw my dummy out of my pram via my blog post I would stay silent for... Continue Reading →

Troublesome week

After running the Brisbane Road Runners Club 5k  last week and feeling great the last 7 days haven't been that great. After the race my ankle started to twinge and by last Monday afternoon it was hurting and I didn't dare run and was miserable at the thought that I was doing well and then... Continue Reading →

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