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4 things to do when recovering from an injury

12 Jan

We are 12 days into 2016 and my year didn’t really start as planned. I planned to kick start my training but instead ended up on the bench resting over Christmas and then running very short and slow runs last week as well as doing lots of physio exercises thanks to bursitis on my hip.

I have been seriously frustrated but I am pleased to say I think it is starting to come good and I managed to run 5k this morning pain free – albeit it was slow but I finally felt I might be turning a slight corner and recovering rather than suffering – yay!

It’s hard being on ‘the bench’ and in the past I have pushed through and ended up even more injured and out of action for even longer so I am glad I have been patient as it seems to be paying off.

In today’s post I decided to give some tips based on advice I have had to tell myself whilst I haven’t been able to train and then reduced training.


4 things to do when recovering from an injury

1. Listen to your professional therapist and do the exercises!

I’m not too good at remembering to do my physio exercises, generally I am more likely to do them when I am in pain than when I don’t feel too much discomfort.

Don’t do what I do!

Listen to your professional therapist and do what they say to ensure you recover as quickly as possible. If they tell you to RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) – do it, if they tell you to do certain exercises – do them ūüôā

2. Try not to let it get you down 

It’s easier said than done to not feel down when injured. I was so frustrated when I hurt my hip as I had done a great run, felt like I was finally coming back to feeling strong again and BAM! I over strode and have been seeing my physio ever since.

I got really down and became a recluse for the first week as I didn’t want to hear about how great everyones running was going, but my good friends helped me snap out of it.

Most of my running friends have experienced an injury at least once so we all understand one another’s pain, and my lovely personal trainer friend has been great tailoring my training around the many parts of my body that have hurt at one time or another! I found I felt better knowing I had support around me rather than hiding in my hole feeling sorry for myself.

3. Stay involved 

It’s easy to pull away when you can’t train especially when it is an injury that requires long term treatment – but from a mental point of view to stay involved gives hope and positive vibes that you’ll be back at some point.

If you can’t train then you could volunteer at ParkRuns or events you regularly attend to stay involved and still feel like you are a part of the running community.

4. Keep training the parts of your body that you can!

Depending on what your doctor or physio says you could do other types of training i.e. swimming* or cycling* or weights* – this all depends on the nature of your injury of course.

I plan to start swimming soon once my physio lets me to try something else in tandem with my running to get me stronger but not be too harsh on my body as well as the running.

*Always seek professional medical advice or advice from an expert such as a physiotherapist before trying anything new. I am not a doctor I am just expressing my opinions and experience.


Tips for avoiding blisters when running

26 May

I was all set to write a post following my long run two¬†Saturdays ago – ¬†and then it went a bit wrong and I’ve been a bit down in the dumps ever since – so I decided rather than throw my dummy out of my pram via my blog post I would stay silent for a few days! So this is my calmer version ūüôā

I was all set for my 30k run two Saturdays ago¬†– went to bed early, got my kit ready, drove into the city all set for my run, and a quarter of the way round my foot started to hurt and a¬†small blister had formed. I decided stupidly to push on and push through what at some points was excruciating pain and yes you’ve guessed it I made it worse.

I decided to nip it in the bud and booked in with my podiatrist who put some padding and dressings in place rather than try and treat myself – 6/7 weeks to the marathon – I figured I didn’t have time to mess around. I went back to my running, a few niggles no dramas…. then I got to my long run again last Saturday and this time it was a 32k. What do you think happened…?

Yes You’ve guessed it the blister returned with a vengeance and this time it was a whopper. How I managed to run 32k on it I will never know but I got back home and was howling in pain and out of frustration.

blister before treated - the girl that runs

This was my blister at its largest – it was a monster – at least an inch and a half big! yuk.

My friend who is a nurse came around a day or so later and popped the monster of a thing and dressed it. I was a bit of a baby – but I have to say it is getting better but I haven’t run in a few days and I am just accepting I need to rest it as there is some tissue damage underneath.

Hoping that this weekend I will be able to get back into things but I wish sometimes I would take my own advice! ¬†But I am amazed that such a trivial thing as a blister can cause such a hassle and essentially sideline you from running! So don’t do what I did!

Anyway ignoring what i did above here are some tips for what you potentially should do if you find you have a blister. Again remember these are just my thoughts and opinions – if you have a medical issue always seek professional advice.

Tips for avoiding blisters

Double up 

Many people swear by wearing two pairs of socks saying that the friction will be between the socks rather than the sock and the skin. My foot was rubbing against my shoe so in that instance that might not be the best option but it might help with an extra layer…..


My Podiatrist told me to put cornflour in the bottom of my shoes which will basically help absorb any excess moisture and ultimately help avoid blisters forming.

Footwear needs to fit 

Make sure that your footwear fits correctly. If your shoes are too big they will push your foot around and rub, if they are too small they will potentially present issues also so good shoes for your feet especially when running long distances are a must and will help avoid blisters.

Cotton a no no

Again many posts by experts that I have read say to avoid cotton socks and to wear moisture wicking ones or those made of nylon. I have a wide range of socks and I haven’t always found this to prevent blisters but it does help.

Vaseline or blister spray 

Rubbing Vaseline or equivalent onto the feet is also meant to be a great way to avoid blisters and there is also a blister spray that I was given a sample of at a running expo which my Podiatrist mentioned might help me also. You can buy these from any large chemist or I would imagine a specialist running store.

Pre empt the blister and cover up

I think I tried too late but if you feel a sore area on the foot when running you could always put a plaster such as Compeed on even though you don’t yet have a blister. I think I did it too late and my blister actually expanded but I already had a blister and it was a biiiiiiiig one!


Here is my blister now after my friend popped it. There is a bit of tissue damage so I need to let it heal before running on it but it is much better.

Got a blister already?

If you are in the unfortunate position of having a blister right now I found this great post which you might find useful – it’s from 2012 but it seems to be one of the most balanced articles I could find.

Runners World are a good option too to have a look at. If you have a really bad blister then pop along to your podiatrist or local running store depending on the severity of your issue. In Brisbane we are lucky to have some specialist running stores that also have podiatrists attached to them such as InTraining. They weren’t who I went to but having a had a chat to one of their people this morning they do offer some great advice and I am considering going in to see them if this doesn’t improve!

Note to self: don’t change your trainers at the advice of someone not qualified!

15 Feb

Last week I had issues with a blister because I wore old socks. it seems I am making a few mistakes lately as I found about 6 days ago that my ankle started to get sore. I assumed it was my orthotics needing attention and I pushed on to do a long run and really found it painful.

I was meant to do a 14k last Thursday and had to stop after 7k as I kept feeling niggles. I have got to the point now that when something doesn’t feel right in my running,it usually isn’t. So the next day I got on the phone to a podiatrist in Woollongabba at The Podiatry Practice¬†as my usual guy was on holidays and I went in.

Asics Kayano

I have worn the Asics Kayano for a few years now and someone told me I was wearing the wrong shoe and I should have stuck with what I had! Lesson Learned!

My podiatrist¬†said basically that in changing my trainers a few weeks ago (to cut a long story short the girl in the shop said wearing Kayano’s was wrong as they were not neutral and that I should wear a Saucony shoe) I had basically caused some tendonitis in my ankle and thrown my foot out a bit. So I left his office with my foot tightly bound, Kayano’s back on with the promise not to wear my lovely bright blue and pink Saucony running shoes. ¬†He said that the Kayano was perfect for what I needed or a Brooks top end shoe – something solid not lightweight like a lot of the shoes now tend to be.

The binding on the foot was actually painful that he put on so I was naughty and took it off and then on Saturday ran 14k. I found wearing my old shoes the inside of my foot was rubbing again – argh! So not happy as my foot was sore but I finished the run. Then as luck would have it this morning I was meant to run 10k but work up with a temperature and a bit of a cold coming on so decided not to run so my foot got a rest. So all in all it has been a week of not 100% great running but I am still pushing on and learning from the mistakes I made yet again.

Lessons learned from all of this

1. Listen to a qualified professional when it comes to your feet/body. Just because someone works with selling shoes it doesn’t mean they know your feet and their history and also how severe your orthotics/conditions are.

2. Know when to stop. If it hurts – don’t push through. Stop. I’m glad I stopped as it could have been a whole lot worse.

3. Don’t be disheartened by setbacks. It’s better to sort things out now than have things go wrong half way through a race. I’ve got plenty of time before my marathon – so thankful that this has happened now and that I can still run.

Hope you had a great week of Running! ¬†I’m hoping next week will be better ūüôā

Tips for staying motivated when injured or unable to train

15 Nov

This week has been another interesting week with my second cortisone injection in my other wrist. This one hurt a lot more than the first and I have been on a bit of a downer wondering what’s going to happen next! My wrist seems to be improving but I haven’t been able to do anything – my family have been helping whilst I rested but being an active person it has been very frustrating and I even froze my gym membership for a week or so to get a bit of rest – I can still run but I have to run a bit funny so my wrist doesn’t pull so I decided to rest!

I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and sometimes things that happen to¬†slow you down are actually a good thing and force you to realise perhaps you needed the rest – so all good.

I was hoping to get a race in before Christmas but it’s unlikely now and I am actually ok with that. I’m intending to start running outside more with the Baby Jogger now bub is old enough so I can’t wait once my wrist is strong enough.

It's hard when we are unable to train but keeping positive and upbeat is the key.

It’s hard when we are unable to train but keeping positive and upbeat is the key.

4 Tips to stay motivated when injured or unable to train 

It’s not forever

Often we see hurdles and setbacks as the end of the world and a real killjoy. I know with being pregnant, then being injured I have certainly felt that way. I don’t think I had ever not trained for so long and it drove me nuts. Friends that I had disappeared as I no longer had those things in common and I felt quite isolated. Often we learn a lot from these experiences and just remember it isn’t forever.

Cruel to be Kind 

In not training because of an injury or health issue or even pregnancy you have to remember it is for a specific reason. It’s not like you just can’t be bothered – there is a specific reason and you should remember that. Running with an injury would be pretty silly just as running when pregnant unless your doctor has given you the all clear.

Other Opportunities

Take the time to use the time for other opportunities – get that book read or call your friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while and enjoy the time off as if you are anything like me when you eventually get back to training you will work extra hard to make up for lost time!

Set a goal for when back training 

When I was pregnant I set all sorts of goals for when my baby was born to give me some motivation to push through the pregnancy. I know dead on week 12 I signed up to a new gym and started slowly getting back into training. I bought a few new gym clothes and was very excited about getting back so I had something to look forward to – but that’s just me – you might have other ideas but it helped me to keep going. I know when I go back to the gym in a matter of days I have set myself some goals to really get myself back into training and a couple of targets which if I don’t make them I’ll get over – but I’m being positive that ¬†I will achieve them!

Anyway onwards and upwards – have a great week of running!

Zoe ūüôā

It’s always good to get a second opinion

23 Sep

Sorry I haven’t written in a little while – our whole family has been sick! Baby M got sick and then I did and then my husband and it just seemed to linger and linger so I haven’t been exercising or anything which has been a bit frustrating but one of those things.

To top it off my arm still isn’t feeling great. If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ll know I have a bad wrist from lifting my baby up a lot! It’s been tough as I can’t really rest it as he always needs to be lifted so I’ve been quite down with it all as the pain has been awful. Anyway I went to see a physio who then referred me to a hand therapist and when I mentioned I had a pain in my upper arm too she dismissed it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.03.44 pm

I mentioned all of this to one of the personal trainers at my gym and he recommended a physio right next door to our gym and I thought I would give it one last go before considering something more drastic. So I called her first as I was not wanting to pay another ‘consultation fee’ for nothing and she was great and has 25 years of musco skeletal experience as well as physio of course.

I went along for my consultation with Cathy at Cathy Doring Physio which she gave me 50% off the first because of all the hassle I had and it turns out most of the issue is my neck which is causing pain in the upper arm and then the wrist is kind of affected from some of that too. She massaged my next and I felt a lot of relief straight the way. I have a lot of work to do on my wrist still but I feel so much better knowing that someone actually can help me and isnt dismissing my pain. I’m so glad I got a second opinion and feel if you don’t feel right about something you should always get a second opinion.

So whilst it has been a not so great time with being sick and injured – I am feeling positive that this is all being fixed ūüôā

Anyway have a great week and as always happy running ūüôā

One step forward – two steps backward….. getting back into running

12 Aug

Hope you are having a good week of training! It’s been beautiful here in Brisbane with gorgeous blue skies everyday. I’ve been taking full advantage getting out and about with baby M. I’ve slowly been getting back into my running which has been great, baby is 15 weeks now so I feel like I’m good to go and managed 5k yesterday walking/running at a very super slow time of 40 mins!! but I’m getting there.

I have a new hindrance now it seems. From lifting baby M in and out of his capsule, in and out of the car and his stroller I have damaged my wrists to the point it hurts all the time when I lift him now ūüė¶ ¬†My back is also hurting from lifting him the wrong way so I went to see a physio and she said no strenuous exercise, no weights, no nothing! I said to her in a (Im sure) whining voice – so “no running?” and she said yes for one week….

The physio told me to sleep in a wrist brace (see inset) and I actually woke up in the middle of the night in agony so removed it. Called them the next day and they told me I have to see an Occupational Therapist…wrist

I was a little bit naughty yesterday as I did run but I made a pact with myself¬†if I had any pain (which I didn’t) that i would stop. So it’s back to the physio and an occupational therapist on Friday to see what can be done and in the meantime resting my wrists the best I can and doing my physio exercises! I never realised having babies was so hazardous!

I’m loving being back at the gym and running though. I remember when I was pregnant I kept saying to myself it wouldn’t be long and I would be back running in no time and here I am – yay. I bought new trainers (Kayano 19s on special) and I’m set to go.

Anyway have a great week and happy running !

Product Review: BenchBusters ACL Injury prevention portal

8 Aug

I don’t know about you but I have been glued to the Olympics, hence my lack of posts in the last week or so. It’s been great to see Great Britain doing so well. Have been somewhat homesick, but I’ll get over it. The blue Brisbane sky reminds me why I moved here :-)My favourite event so far had to be the mens 100 metres watching Bolt – literally bolt! Amazing runner. Also it’s good to see the Aussies getting a few more golds.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know I have had a few injuries, and so when I was asked to review a product around injury avoidance I jumped at the chance.

In case you aren’t aware, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a ligament in the knee and a lot of runners and athletes get ACL injuries each year ¬†when the ACL is over stretched. Bench Busters have created a whole portal dedicated to ACL injury prevention which consists of videos, articles and a brochure all about how to prevent tearing your ACL.

I hadn’t heard of Bench Busters before so a bit of background. The company was created ‘to provide safe training techniques that emphasize muscular balance and proper biomechanics in order to prevent injury’. And through years of research and hands on work with athletes, they say that they have come to see the undeniable truth; 90% of injury is a result of bad form and improper body mechanics!

They also say on their site that prevention programs focused on biomechanics have proven to reduce the rate of injury by up to 89%. Their key messaging states that the 30 minutes spent 3 times a week can help avoid the huge cost of surgery, physical therapy, and time spent recovering.

blog posts

Informative blog posts

So what are they selling?

Basically for a once off fee of $29.99  you get unlimited access to 34 minutes of instructional video demonstrating ACL prevention exercises and how to do them right, and a 43 page instructional manual to view online or download showing the exercises too. There are also a whole host of blog posts and news articles around the topic.

Bench Busters

The video shows you how to do each prevention exercise

The site seems very informative and certainly has plenty of exercises on and information around ACL, and for $29.99 it is very good value. If you have suffered this injury it could be a great way to build your knee up to prevent it from happening again.

The downloadable manual is excellent and gives really indepth information about the knee and also shows you some great core exercises such as the pelvic tilt, supine leg circles and double leg lifts in order to strengthen the body. It tells you what areas of the body you are working as well as giving hints and tips, and is meant to be used alongside the video.

I certainly wouldn’t however ¬†be using this without having seen my physio or chiropractor and wouldn’t really replace them with this service. It is handy to have this information available but I figured that the knee is tricky and with injuries I have learned to have someone examine me and then tell me what exercises to do.

Some of the exercises you can just do as part of your daily training but like I say I wouldn’t replace advice of a physio or doctor with this, it is purely meant as a preventative.

So I guess to summarise it’s a really cost effective product to buy if you are wanting to build up your core as well as prevent injury.

Please note that I am not a doctor or trained professional in fitness so please do not take any of this article as advice, it is purely my opinion based on experience. Please consult your doctor, physio before embarking on any new exercise or fitness regimes.