Breast Cancer Research – How you can help by running the Mothers Day Classic

I have been fortunate to not have been close to anyone who has suffered with breast cancer but I know people that have had their family or friends go through it. As a woman it scares me along with all the other cancers we are potentially at risk of. So the annual Mother's Day Classic... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day 4k race a week today !

It's been another good week of training and I am feeling reasonably good. I have upped my weights work and am running a fair bit as well as my mixed cardio. It suddenly dawned on me today that this time next week I will have run the Mothers Day race in Brisbane. I entered the 4k... Continue Reading →

The pressure is off

I got in from my first proper run since I got sick two weeks ago today. It was hard work. I forced myself to get up, put my kit on and even ran with my iPod Shuffle this morning to give me that extra motivation. My legs felt sluggish to begin with and everything jiggled,... Continue Reading →

Energy levels = nil

Had a difficult week last week with energy levels being nil! I managed to do a nice 7k run yesterday so feeling better. In my experience when I feel lethargic and find it hard to train I generally look at a number of things: 1. Am I getting enough sleep? 2. Am I drinking enough... Continue Reading →

Running for a cause

I was approached by the Mothers Day Classic Race a while ago and they asked if they could write an article about myself and the girls I run with as publicity for their race which is an awesome one, raising money for Breast Cancer. We had the photoshoot on Saturday which was great fun with... Continue Reading →

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