A reason to run – buddies and Earthalon @earthalon

This week has started off great. Last week wasn't so great as I basically got sick on Christmas Eve and only just got better thanks to a dose of antibiotics. I was annoyed as I was meant to start my marathon training from 1 Jan so missed a couple of runs. I went for my... Continue Reading →

It’s ok to change your goals – here are a few tips

Before I gave birth I was all set to pop the baby out and get straight back into training to then run the Marathon Du Medoc 5-6 months later and then the New York Marathon in 2015. But do you know I changed my mind - surprisingly 😉 !! Trying to run a marathon so... Continue Reading →

It’s ok not to be perfect

I was umming and ahhhing whether to write this on a published post that everyone could see but figured there might be other people that have felt or currently feel the same way.Since the birth of my baby in fact since being pregnant I have had getting back into exercise on my mind especially my... Continue Reading →

No such thing as an average runner

Happy Monday morning! I was just doing my usual morning mooch around the internet and checking my Facebook before actually starting work and I came across a quote that Runners World had posted by American writer and runner Hal Higdon and it said: "There's no such thing as an average runner. We are all above... Continue Reading →

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