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Running song of the month

9 Mar

I’ve been running 5 times a week so have been tuning into my iPod a fair bit.

Thanks for the suggestions that people gave last month. I tried out Zombie Run (Thanks Cecilia) which was great fun but I nearly fell off the treadmill when doing it inside! I think I i’ll stick it using it outside!! and I still haven’t got round to trying out running to Taylor Swift but will have a flick through her stuff to see if there are any tunes that jump out at me (thanks Amy!)

Anyway this month’s song I have nominated is Titanium (feat. Sia) – Nothing But the Beat Ultimate by David Guetta featuring Sia. I have been flicking to this song a lot on runs to keep me motivated.Running song of the month

Enjoy and happy running 🙂


Running song of the month

1 Aug

Oops I realised it has been ages since I posted a running song of the month. My music taste is all over the place at the moment but I checked my most popular training song for the last couple of months and it surprised me! It’s a bit lower tempo than my usual running beaty songs but it’s a cool song to train to if you concentrate on the beat and the words. Running song of the month

It’s Muse – Uprising which I love as the whole album – The Resistance is about one of my favourite books of all time – 1984! If you’ve read it you’ll understand the lyrics – awesome with a great beat to train to!

You can listen to it here 🙂 Had to put in as a link as Aple’s Linkmaker wouldn’t work!

Muse – Uprising 

Running song of the Month

7 Apr

It’s time for Running Song of the Month again. Running song of the month

I chose this month’s song because it really is a feel good fun song to train to. Whatever mood I am in it helps me push myself. It’s a reasonably quick BPM and makes me feel a bit girly!

So this month’s song of the month is:

California Gurls – Katy Perry –  see the link for iTunes here – California Gurls  – haven’t worked out how best to out the Android link on yet but will do for next month.

Running song of the month

30 Jan

Running song of the month How is your training going? Mine has not been too bad actually. I did a good session at the gym last night and hoping to train this afternoon depending on how my day goes.

I haven’t posted a song of the month for a while but this month’s is a cool one. It has helped push me along when I am really feeling down or needing that extra bit of oomph in my training. It’s not a fast BPM song but the words and the whole tone of the song is all I need to get me working hard.

It’s been a rough couple of months in and out of training and this song has been a great when I really needed that extra push.

So this month’s song of the month is:

Destiny’s Child Survivor – see the link here – Survivor – #1’S

Running song of the month

24 Oct

This month’s running song is a Guy Sebastian song. I love this song and it has pushed me through lots of sprints and also I play it as a booster when I am getting tired – to renergise me and to get me home!

So the song is – Guy Sebastian – Like it like that 🙂

You can hear it by clicking on the link below:

Like It Like That (Radio Edit) - Like It Like That (Radio Edit) - Single

Guy Sebastian

Running song of the month

30 Aug

My running song of the month this month I first heard in a Body Combat  class years ago  when I lived in London. It has real energy and is a great one for sprints or when you really don’t feel very motivated!

So this month’s song of the month is – Scooter, Back in the UK

Scooter, Back in the UK

Back In the U.K - Jumping All Over the World - Best of Scooter

For some reason it won’t link directly to the song so go to song 16 if you want to listen 🙂

My running song of the month

1 Jul

This month’s running song of the month is not to my normal music taste but it’s a great song that I fins empowers and motivates me to run especially up hills and sprints 🙂  The words are pretty good too and they got me through a tough time in my life and so this will always be on my running track list.

It’s not a fast BPM song but there’s something about it that just makes me move.

So here it is.

My favourite running song of the month is:

Britney Spears – ‘Stronger’

Britney Spears

Check it out on iTunes here:  Stronger - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative