Good luck to those running Tough Mudder on the Coast this weekend!

Spartan type races have popped up all over the place and a good few months ago some of my friends mentioned they were going to do a gruelling challenge called Tough Mudder. I had a look at the website and my husband immediately said - no way are you even contemplating doing that! With the... Continue Reading →

Holiday exercising – do you or don’t you?

I recently went away for a couple of weeks with my husband and extended family. With all the best intentions in the world I planned to exercise whilst I was away - I even asked my husband if I could take the bike with us - he declined! I did pack my beloved running shoes... Continue Reading →

Back on the horse…

It's been an interesting couple of weeks with trying to finish college work (i graduate from a graphic design course in a couple of weeks!), and also finishing a job I resigned from a while ago. I have been really distracted and demotivated to train which has been a real pain as I was running... Continue Reading →

Back on track and going well

I am enjoying doing P90x and managing two running sessions a week and it's going well. I managed to get up to 15.5 on the treadmill in my speed session last week which was a first for me, so the plyometrics and the weight work is working, making me a stronger runner - awesome.

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