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A week of lots more running and finally some good news!

19 Jan

When I look back over the last week I can say it was a great week on many levels.

Hip hip hooray!

In a previous post I talked about how frustrated I was at sitting on the bench. I am pleased to say my hip is finally coming good and I ran 11k on Saturday, 4k on Sunday and 12k today and had no major pain. I went to see my physio, Casey  yesterday and he said things are looking good and I am good to run more and train for my half marathon – but not to push it.

The first thing I did was to email Roger my running coach who is starting to crank things up a bit ready for March – so today I ran 12k. It was a slow 12k as it was very warm and hilly – it was meant to be 13k but it was just too warm for me but I was still happy with that.

I met Pete!

meeting Pete

Pete Evans was lovely. Very chilled out and happy to have a photo taken. We talked about recipes and transformations – glad I popped into the Paleo Cafe that day!

I tend to follow a fairly low carb regime with my eating. I know that’s pretty nuts for a runner but it has been great for getting me in shape again and I generally feel healthier not having bread etc in my diet. Obviously when races come around then I do incorporate some grain and increase my carbs such as sweet potatoes into my diet. But anyway I am not paleo but I do agree with some of their eating principles so I have a few Pete Evans cookbooks on my shelf, and by a complete chance I happened to be in Hawthorne and remembered that Pete was going to be at the Bulimia Paleo Cafe half an hour later so I hightailed it to the Cafe and got to say hello, and have my photo taken with him – highlight of my day on Friday :-D.

Volunteering at ParkRun 

volunteering at park run

Volunteer pacers at the Southbank ParkRun – I am on the one on the left holding my balloon. I didn’t realise when I let it go that I was whacking the guy in the black in the face oops!!

I run with Intraining on a Thursday night as part of their Wife Night group 🙂 and Ingraining appealed for volunteers for the Southbank ParkRun and I decided I would volunteer as a pacer and go with the slowest pace so I knew I wouldn’t push my hip. My friends and I ran 6k beforehand so I got a quicker run in and I ended up having to sprint back to where the ParkRun started to get back in time.

It was actually great fun. I have to say though I had no idea how hard it is to pace a run. I was to run the 5km in 35 minutes and it was hard. I kept glancing down at my watch ever conscious that I had to try and be on time as people were sticking with me to do their best time or for some support and I had never looked at pacing that way.

I met some lovely people and encouraged them along, I screeched ‘1km left -7 mins left to run – you can do it!’ at one group of girls and it was great to be able to run and encourage people at the same time (hopefully that came across as encouraging lol). So I think it is definitely something I will do again. Not all of the ParkRuns have pacers so I guess it will be the larger ones which I have tended to avoid!

So all in all I have had a great 7 days which is a vast improvement on the week before! I’ve entered the International Women’s Day 5k with my friend too which I am looking forward to 😀 so here’s hoping things keep on improving!

Have a great day 🙂 and Happy Running 🙂


Wrists on the mend :-)

2 Nov

I hope your training is going well. I’m getting there and got a few posts to catch up on as life has been pretty busy lately but thought I would focus on my wrists in this post. Anyone regularly reading my blog will know after having my baby it seems I now have tendonitis in both wrists 😦

I wrote in a previous post about my current issues with my wrist. Unfortunately things didn’t get better and I ended up having a cortisone injection in my hand. My Dr gave me referrals to get both wrists done as they were both very sore but I decided in the end to get one done first to check that it worked ok and then get the other done.

I made the mistake of Googling Cortisone injections and was faced with lots of really negative articles and one person said the person administering the injection hit a bone and they passed out so I was terrified. I walked in a nervous wreck but the guy was nice and reassured me. Basically he did an ultra sound guided injection so he could make sure he got the injection in the right place – not bones were hit and it felt ok – a bit of a twinge but other than that great.

That was about 2 weeks ago and my hand still feels great. The other hand not so great – I did try acupuncture on that whilst I waited to see what my first wrist did which was an interesting experience considering i hate needles. I had needles coming out of my finger, toes and ankle to treat my hand and it felt much better when I left but I am not sure i could go back as I felt really stressed with all the needles to be honest!


Cortisone Injection done!

So I am gearing myself up to go and get the second hand done and looking forward to being able to pick baby M up again as currently my husband wont let me lift him to rest my hands!

It hasn’t really affected my running thankfully. Throughout all of this it’s the one thing that has been keeping me going! I didn’t realise how much I used my hands until it came to.not being able to use them!

Anyway onwards and upwards. Going to see my physio on Monday for some exercises for my left hand and then booking in for cortisone for the right!