Training for a marathon as a new mother

How time flies. My son is almost one and I have been back into training for a The Gold Coast marathon in July for almost four months. I'm clocking up around 70km a week at the moment and it's going well. I have to admit, it hasn't been plain sailing all the way, and at... Continue Reading →

Are you preparing yourself for your run?

This week has been tough so far and it's only Wednesday! Last night I had to train - I had a 7k to run followed by squats (thanks Roger!) and an hour or so before I just didn't want to train. It's the first time since I embarked on my marathon training that I felt... Continue Reading →

Back to the gym!

Today was my third time back at the gym after having my little boy - he's 9 weeks old now 🙂 I started back to training last week as I figured I'd give my body a couple of months to heal. Great to be back It was so good to get back into the gym... Continue Reading →

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