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Running websites and apps to log your training

8 Mar

Having a great week of training so far. How is your training going? I’ve done a variety of tempo work and some slower runs and am starting to feel fitter again which I am really pleased about. I am very glad to not be doing the International Women’s Day 5k this weekend as it has really given me a breather.

I’ve started using a website called Daily Mile which is great and is actually motivating me somewhat at the moment.

Daily MileIf you haven’t heard of Daily Mile it is a running community website that you can sign up to and basically log your training. As well as logging your training you can make friends on the site and support one another – be it people in your area or all over the world. I like it as each time I’ve done a workout and logged it someone has congratulated me and in turn it has made me feel a bit accountable for my training and supported in a random social media kind of way.

There are others out there, in fact there are lots out there, so I thought in today’s post I would look at some of the different running websites where you can log training currently out in the market place.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal

This website is great and is more of a calorie King type website where you can log both training and calories. It is somewhat addictive especially as a number of my friends are using it and you can see what one another are doing training wise and also comment, and I have the iPhone app for it which is good as it means I can log my food wherever I go. I did get fed up though as for some reason my training wasn’t showing in my news feed and so it looked to other people like I wasn’t exercising. I did email My Fitness Pal and tell them and the y said there were some glitches for some people and they were working on it, so I am tending not to use it now and using Daily Mile instead.

Run Keeper

Runkeeper is another great website for logg

ing training and also has a great iPhone app where it acts as a GPS and logs your run and then sends it to your profile. You can add friends and support one another and share runs. As with My Fitness Pal and Daily Mile, Runkeeper has a whole community section where you can log training and get fitness reports.

Nike Running

Nike has always been very active in the running community and since bringing its Nike+ out some time ago it has developed a real following by runners and there is a Nike+ community which shows all runs done with the Nike+ and the ability to set goals and challenge friends. So if you have one it might be worth your while having a look at this. I wrote a post about mine a while ago which I mused to use before I got my Garmin. It’s a great tool to use if you use it understanding it might not be 100% accurate but it’s great for those that have just started running or run on similar terrain each time.

Adidas MiCoach

I don’t know too much about the MiCoach.  I know there is an app and I believe it works similarly to the Nike Plus pod and it goes under your trainer. The MiCoach I believe goes further than the Nike Plus and offers extras such as you can buy a MiCoach heart rate monitor and use a pacer which links to the app. It has a forum and a coaching area. I am not sure about a community but I am sure there would be one.

Garmin Connect

Garmin also has a great community website – “Garmin Connect ” for users of its watches where you can sync your runs from your watch and also add friends and share runs. You need to have one of their watches though to use the site. I find it useful and really good to see how my pace has changed and heart rate. The Garmin Connect site shows quite detailed information on your run such as elevation and heart rate which I find really useful.

Map My Run

Similar to that of Run Keeper. Map My Run enables you to map runs, share with friends, log runs and has a nice portal for you to see it all in as well as challenge friends and note your nutrition.

Other sites that you might be interested in that I haven’t used

Running Log


Runners World Training Log Community

Log Your Run

Another cool site  is Cool Running running portal

Cool Running is an Aussie based running site. I quite like this site. It isn’t for logging your training so much although you can keep your own blog and list your running in there if you so wish.  But this site is actually great for looking up races in your area and in and around Australia. It also has lots of resources such as training advice and technique guides so well worth a look.


New Aussie running magazine for women

4 Mar

So I was browsing around a newsagents on Friday and I spotted a new running magazine that I hadn’t heard of it. I almost dismissed it thinking it was another UK or US import but then I noticed across the top it said Australia’s first running magazine for women. So, intrigued I bought a copy.

It’s called Women’s Running funnily enough. Let’s get one thing straight, it’s no Runner’s World but it looks like a great read for women getting into running with the launch issue featuring a beginners 8 week running plan and an article on choosing your first race.

For the more seasoned runner it does also cover topics such as conquering hills, compression myths, and an interview with an elite runner. So it depends what you look for in a running magazine, a good technique read then maybe Runner’s World is better for you. But it’s good to see that there are  some more running mags out there, I always love a good read and this one has some nice recipes, small features on other types of training such as spinning and has lots of helpful tips to keep you motivated.

Other running magazines I read 

Runners World –  I love Runner’s World as it is very comprehensive, has race dates and well just keeps me excited about running. It is a mixed bag and is aimed at all levels of runners

Run4yourlife – more of a club runners magazine but features some great tips, race details and articles for the more serious runner. Very Australian based.


Miles per minute vs Km per minute conversion sheet download

8 Feb

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I use MyFitnessPal which is an app that enables you to log all your food and your exercise. I’ve been getting increasingly tired of having to try and work out my pace to ensure that the calories that the app calculates are roughly correct as it shows in minute miles pace. So I sat here this morning and created a sheet that shows the km pace against the minute miles pace.

Feel free to download if you find it useful.

Race diary update 2012

14 Jan

I finally got round to updating the Queensland race diary for 2012. Keep a look out for new events. I’ve just started with a few regulars.

Off sick

20 Dec

Typical isn’t it. Whenever I am training well – I get sick!

I’ve been training really well and have been unwell for the last couple of days so am having a rest, no point in pushing when my chest feels like it is about to cave in and my head like there is a constant rock band playing inside!

Am hoping to be back training tomorrow and armed with my vitamin c, garlic and horse radish and olive leaf today so here’s hoping.

On another note, just got a copy of Born to Run by Christopher McDougal about ultra running and a hidden tribe of barefoot runners. Hoping this inspires me over the Christmas season to prepare for race season again in January.

Inspirational reading

19 Aug

Whenever I am suffering from demotivation or have a race coming up I rummage through my bookshelf knowing exactly what to do – I read one of the inspirational books about running and courageous sports people that I have and it helps me every time.

The biographies that I have read that have really inspired me are:

The Luxury of Time by Jane and Mike Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson is such a huge inspiration. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 26  and  was then given the all clear. She later on found out that the disease had spread and there was nothing more the doctors could do and rather than waiting to die she fought as hard as she could – running the London Marathon, the Great North Run, doing a 2500 mile bike trip to raise money for charity she carried on fighting right until she died in 2007.

The Greatest – The Haile Gebreselassie Story by Jim Denison

Haile Gebreselassie is my hero when it comes to running. He is the world record holder for many titles and races including the 10k and 5k but is a very humble man. His authorised biography tells the story of how he first started running as a child to get to and from school and how he realised that he wanted to run and pursued his ambitions as well as giving back to his country – Ethiopia.

It’s not about the bike – Lance Armstrong

This book is one of the best books I have read. It is courageous, inspiring and shows what Lance Armstrong went through when diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer in 1996. He had a 40% chance of surviving and not only went on to kick the ass off the cancer and won the Tour de France 16 months later and got the best ever time.

Have you read any other books that inspired you? I’d be interested to hear…