Running websites and apps to log your training

Having a great week of training so far. How is your training going? I've done a variety of tempo work and some slower runs and am starting to feel fitter again which I am really pleased about. I am very glad to not be doing the International Women's Day 5k this weekend as it has... Continue Reading →

New Aussie running magazine for women

So I was browsing around a newsagents on Friday and I spotted a new running magazine that I hadn't heard of it. I almost dismissed it thinking it was another UK or US import but then I noticed across the top it said Australia's first running magazine for women. So, intrigued I bought a copy.... Continue Reading →

Off sick

Typical isn't it. Whenever I am training well - I get sick! I've been training really well and have been unwell for the last couple of days so am having a rest, no point in pushing when my chest feels like it is about to cave in and my head like there is a constant... Continue Reading →

Inspirational reading

Whenever I am suffering from demotivation or have a race coming up I rummage through my bookshelf knowing exactly what to do - I read one of the inspirational books about running and courageous sports people that I have and it helps me every time.

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