Product Review: BenchBusters ACL Injury prevention portal

I don't know about you but I have been glued to the Olympics, hence my lack of posts in the last week or so. It's been great to see Great Britain doing so well. Have been somewhat homesick, but I'll get over it. The blue Brisbane sky reminds me why I moved here :-)My favourite... Continue Reading →

New Aussie running magazine for women

So I was browsing around a newsagents on Friday and I spotted a new running magazine that I hadn't heard of it. I almost dismissed it thinking it was another UK or US import but then I noticed across the top it said Australia's first running magazine for women. So, intrigued I bought a copy.... Continue Reading →

My justification for buying a GPS watch to run with!

When I started running with my friends and they mapped out a time using MapMyRun I realised that not many of my runs were accurate as I would always be way over or under, sothen started to wonder what the point of using a Nike+ was if I had no idea if any of the stats were right!

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