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The pressure is off

27 Feb

I got in from my first proper run since I got sick two weeks ago today.

It was hard work.

I forced myself to get up, put my kit on and even ran with my iPod Shuffle this morning to give me that extra motivation. My legs felt sluggish to begin with and everything jiggled, or at least I thought it did. In my head I was pushing myself to push harder but my body was crying out that I hadn’t run properly in at least 10 days so to take it easy. Then when I got into the run I kept a nice comfortable pace, relaxed back into the run and really enjoyed it.I got home sweating profusely – it was a sticky morning in Brisbane this morning!

Pressure cooker letting off steam

Image used from Indiadaily.com

The first thing I said to my husband was

“i’m so slow…..I don’t know if I can do the 5k race that is in three weeks” and he said to me…

“why do you always put so much pressure on yourself?

You have nothing to prove. You’ve been running for 10+ years, have run four full marathons and are injury free! Stop complaining and enjoy running”.

I stood and looked at him and the penny (or cent – we’re in Australia after all!) dropped.

He was right.

The only person putting the pressure on was me. Noone was forcing me to enter the race that so many other people I know are running. I was forgetting the reason why I love to run!

So I’ve decided, pressure off for a while.I need to get better after being ill, get back into enjoying my running and aim for the next race but not force myself if my heart or health aren’t in it. Definitely going to do the Mother’s Day 8k in May all being well and may try a few Park Runs and Brisbane Road Runner Runs but no pressure.


Race diary update 2012

14 Jan

I finally got round to updating the Queensland race diary for 2012. Keep a look out for new events. I’ve just started with a few regulars.

Another 5k race done and dusted

14 Aug

Today was the day of my first Brisbane Road Runners (BRRC) 5k. I thought I would try a BRRC race as they have them every month and it’s a great way to see improvements over the same course again and again. I get bored of running round Forest Lake all the time so it’s nice to have a change of scenery every now and again.

The event was really well organised and you turn up to a really professional set up with tables to register at and a proper time clock. I havent encountered this with any other running club races so it was a nice surprise.

The race was small and only probably about 40 people were running so I was a bit worried that I might be at the back. The race started and everyone seemed to shoot off. I set off fairly strongly and felt good. I didnt push too much as wasn’t sure what was coming, but ran the first km in 4.15km so that was quite a quick time for me. Running on the flat was great compared to all the hills I normally run up and I felt really strong until literally the last 300 metres when I felt like my heart was going to come out of my mouth!

My time wasn’t that fast – it was 24.55 which was ok and under 25 minutes which was what I wanted. I’m now aiming for 23 minutes as my next hurdle. I actually came 3rd out of the females which I was pleased with. There weren’t many people running but it was still an achievement for me 🙂

Next challenge is the Springfield 5k in September where I am hoping to reduce my 5k time even further.

Watch this space….

Running for a cause

28 Mar

I was approached by the Mothers Day Classic Race a while ago and they asked if they could write an article about myself and the girls I run with as publicity for their race which is an awesome one, raising money for Breast Cancer.

We had the photoshoot on Saturday which was great fun with the girls fussing over their hair and makeup and  the finished article has now been published 🙂

2011 race planning begins

10 Dec

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I needed some objectives and races to enter to motivate myself well I have a plan and it’s looking good.

My goal for the early end of 2011 is to run a 10k race but to run it well and improve on my PB which was 51 mins a long time ago and 54 mins this year. I decided that I would not do any more full marathons and would most probably leave the half marathons for next year although I might be tempted to go back to Townsville again as that was a great half. My husband isn’t a runner so I tend to not do too many long distance races anymore as he doesn’t quite understand the work needed to go into the training!

I contacted my friend in the UK who is an international athlete and knows his stuff when it comes to running and asked him if he could help me remotely to achieve my goal. He has been awesome and is going to do me a 4 week schedule which I have to stick to and he expects good reasons if I don’t! I’m a bit scared but it is exactly what I need – a reason to run. I find after a while if you don’t have a goal then running can become a little bit boring so I am really excited and looking forward to 2011.

So far I have entered the International Women’s Day 5k on 6th March in Brisbane and am planning on doing the Brisbane Road Runners 5k on the 27th February. My goal is then to do the Brisbane Road Runners (BRRC) 10k in March or April and take it from there. I figure the BRRC will be a good run as there will be a small number of runners and club runners too :-).

Not sure after then but that’s my plan so far. I’ll keep you posted. Do feel free to share if you have any goals you want to achieve or even know of any good races that are coming up next year that you have enjoyed.

5 top tips to keep you motivated in your running

17 Jun

After writing my post below about my day of feeling unmotivated –  based on knowing what works for me here are 5 top tips to keep motivated in your running…

1. If bored with what you are doing i.e. the same runs – shake things up a bit; do some interval training inside or outside, or good old fartlek goes down a treat, or all failing that have a day off running and do a gym class or swim – you’re still exercising and it is something different – variation is a great motivator

2. Run with someone. I find that some days when I am not motivated but friends are they keep my momentum up and I usually end up having a great run and feeling great. If you dont have anyone to run with, why not see if your local gym has a running club or whether there is a general running club in your area

3Set yourself a goal – it might be to train for a race or to do a certain number of KM a week – you know what makes you tick – give it a go

4. Listen to some rockin’ music when running – I generally do when inside on the treadmill or running with a group of friends and wanting to zone out and push. I wouldn’t recommend running outside with your headphones on when on your own as it makes you more open to accidents – not hearing traffic or as a woman on her own I don’t do it to be safe.

5. Run for the first 5 minutes and chances are you will keep going!

and finally, if you can’t get out of bed like me this morning (see post below) because it is cold and dark – put on the heating and turn on the light !! I know…I should take my own advice.

A run with the Foxes

6 Jun

My friends and I from our gym in Brisbane after doing a gruelling bootcamp decided that lugging tyres around was not enough and that we wanted to run together regularly and to enter the Gold Coast half marathon. I was going to do the full marathon but I didnt have the time to spend on the training like my last marathon so went for the half.

We call ourselves the Forest Lake Foxes 🙂 and had our own ‘club’ singlets designed and printed in hot pink which look great – (see inset left).

So a few weekdays a week and on Saturdays we haul our butts out of bed at unearthly times of the morning (4.30am usually!) and do training runs together. We’ve been chased by dogs on numerous occasions, fallen down and ripped our lovely training gear, got rained on – but we still keep smiling and still keep going!

It has been great and not only have I formed great friendships but I am much fitter than I probably would have been trying to train alone. I’ve lost 10kg and feel fantastic!

If you are reading this and run on your own, there are some great running clubs out there that you could join so you don’t have to run alone, or see if your gym has a running club or ask around and see if anyone needs a running partner. If you live in Australia check out this list of running clubs.

Whilst I like running on my own sometimes I perform much better when I have someone pushing me and motivating me like the wonderful girls I run with.