Race recap: SEQ Trail series – Bunya 15.7km

It's been a couple of weeks since I did my trail race before flying to the UK, but I decided I'd best write it up otherwise I would forget. How could I forget though - it was a crazy hot day! I had originally entered to run the 8k race but my friend who was... Continue Reading →

Running in Brisbane and heat stroke

Hope you had a great weekend of running. I'm slowly building back up for the half marathon I have in a few weeks time. It feels so much harder than last year but I have to remember that I had an injury to recover from and it has been hotter which brings me to my... Continue Reading →

The joys of summer training

Wow it has been hot the last week or so in Brisbane, thankfully today is a bit cooler, but still sticky! I've found myself missing the cool weather in the UK and longing for my husband to treat me to that spa and swimming pool I've aways dreamed of! Training has been tough in the... Continue Reading →

Running out of steam

What a few weeks it has been. Besides the nightmare of the floods in Queensland which thankfully I was not affected, I started a new job and failed my driving test. Why am I talking about that on a running blog you may ask...... because my job is 5.5k up the road and not being... Continue Reading →

Too darn hot!

This morning I dragged my heels a bit about my run - do I go to the gym and do a speed session or do I get my long run out of the way as I might not be around at the weekend. Well after I had pondered on this for a while, rolled over... Continue Reading →

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