Running song of the month

I've been running 5 times a week so have been tuning into my iPod a fair bit. Thanks for the suggestions that people gave last month. I tried out Zombie Run (Thanks Cecilia) which was great fun but I nearly fell off the treadmill when doing it inside! I think I i'll stick it using... Continue Reading →

Running song of the month

I realise I haven't posted a running song for ages in fact since before being pregnant! Now that I am training a lot more I've really started to get back into my music again so I will start my music posts back up! If you have any music you find great for running to please... Continue Reading →

Running song of the month

Oops I realised it has been ages since I posted a running song of the month. My music taste is all over the place at the moment but I checked my most popular training song for the last couple of months and it surprised me! It's a bit lower tempo than my usual running beaty... Continue Reading →

Running song of the Month

It's time for Running Song of the Month again.  I chose this month's song because it really is a feel good fun song to train to. Whatever mood I am in it helps me push myself. It's a reasonably quick BPM and makes me feel a bit girly! So this month's song of the month... Continue Reading →

Running song of the month

How is your training going? Mine has not been too bad actually. I did a good session at the gym last night and hoping to train this afternoon depending on how my day goes. I haven't posted a song of the month for a while but this month's is a cool one. It has helped... Continue Reading →

My running song of the month

I've been thinking about regular post ideas for my blog and I thought how about a running song of the month post. I love my music and I love running with music inside on the treadmill, it helps ease the monotony. I tend not to run outside with music unless I am running with a... Continue Reading →

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