A reason to run – buddies and Earthalon @earthalon

This week has started off great. Last week wasn't so great as I basically got sick on Christmas Eve and only just got better thanks to a dose of antibiotics. I was annoyed as I was meant to start my marathon training from 1 Jan so missed a couple of runs. I went for my... Continue Reading →

It’s ok to change your goals – here are a few tips

Before I gave birth I was all set to pop the baby out and get straight back into training to then run the Marathon Du Medoc 5-6 months later and then the New York Marathon in 2015. But do you know I changed my mind - surprisingly 😉 !! Trying to run a marathon so... Continue Reading →

No such thing as an average runner

Happy Monday morning! I was just doing my usual morning mooch around the internet and checking my Facebook before actually starting work and I came across a quote that Runners World had posted by American writer and runner Hal Higdon and it said: "There's no such thing as an average runner. We are all above... Continue Reading →

A good week of training so far….

I know it's only Tuesday but for me it's been a good week of training going back 7 days. I managed my bootcamp session on Sunday, and an hours cardio yesterday and will be pushing myself up Mount Cootha later on today so I am determined to get back into my training and make up for... Continue Reading →

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