Run and be rewarded: 100 points for free using my code – points make prizes! @RunningHeroesAU

I was approached by a company called Running Heroes a while back that has just launched in Australia. They told me that the concept was simple:   Run and be rewarded I figured - hmm there has to be a catch - but no there isn't and it is pretty simple and a great idea.... Continue Reading →

6 great sites for cheap training kit

I found when moving to Australia that the two things that were much more expensive than in the UK were books and trainers. Here are a few sites that I use that deliver to Australia or are in Australia and tend to be cheaper: Sporty Shoes - an Aussie site, I have had some good... Continue Reading →

Bargain website for trainers !

Aussie runners out there, I found a great website called Sporty Shoes and I managed to get my usual pair of Mizuno trainers that I normally pay $169.99 for at Athletes Foot for $89.99! Bargain. You should check it out. They arrived in a couple of days and I basically got my normal trainers half... Continue Reading →

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