The girl that swims a little bit better

Have done a fair bit of training in the last week. Feeling good and ready to start my new program ready for a race at the end of the month. But the highlight for me this week has been my second attempt at swimming. After last week I wasn't sure I'd get back in the... Continue Reading →

The girl that runs attempts to swim…

I think I mentioned a while ago one of the girls at the gym, a truly inspiring runner/triathlete that I know suggested that I incorporate swimming into my training to alleviate my occasional boredom, and to also tone me up. I've been putting it off and putting it off - and went to the trouble... Continue Reading →

Change of direction

I'm thinking about swimming. One of the girls that I know that goes to the gym is a triathlete and put the idea in my head of swimming in order to tone and improve my fitness. I've been feeling a bit fat and untoned so I mentioned this to her and she said what about... Continue Reading →

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