Back’s on the mend and the River Run 100km approaches!

The last week or two have been frustrating with a hamstring injury and then leaning into the car and slightly straining my back - but I think I am back on track now ready for the River Run 100k of which I'm doing 20k next weekend! I've spent the last week or so in and... Continue Reading →

Review of Nuu Muu running dress and 15% off for every reader :-)

When Clara's Closet approached me to try out one of their dresses I wasn't too sure as the thought of running in a dress seemed quite crazy to me and I could never envisage myself doing that. I had a look at their website and the patterns were lovely so I started to warm towards... Continue Reading →

2XU Outlet store

Facebook ads actually worked for me yesterday and an ad showing 2XU outlet store came up. If you're anything like me and love buying new gear go for it! Here's the link. The prices are excellent! Happy shopping!

Bargain trainers!

Very excited as my new Kayano's arrived. My podiatrist said that my Nimbus were not supporting my feet enough so I ordered Kayano's. I got the last but one shoe so the 17 not the 18 and they retail here in Australia at $250 (although you can get then for $225 I have seen) and... Continue Reading →

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