Sometimes there are more important things than running!

I haven't written for a while as life outside of running for me has been a bit crazy. We've been flying around as a family trying to fit lots of things into our life, and as a result my son got a cold and I was feeling under the weather last week and at the... Continue Reading →

The Girl That Runs is 5 years old!

My little running blog is 5 years old today! I had never really thought about writing a blog especially about running and I always wondered what on earth I was going to write about - but here I am 5 years later and still writing 🙂 I originally started writing it for a few reasons... Continue Reading →

Running the stress off

It's a well known fact that exercise makes us feel good - increasing seratonin to the brain. Well I sure needed it today. I had a little accident with the car! Oh yes I didn't tell you, I passed my driving test and am officially a green P plater now! Anyway I kind of misjudged... Continue Reading →

Running makes me happy……

I remember being in Lorna Jane and seeing a vest entitled 'Running Makes me Happy' - I loved it so much I bought one for me and sent one to my running friend who at the time was serving in the Army in Iraq and she like me loved it! Running makes me feel alive... Continue Reading →

My races

I was going through some stuff at home the other day and I came upon a box of medals that I have had from the races I have run. It's funny because it seems to be now that entering a fun run or general race means you get a medal  even if you don't win.... Continue Reading →

Pre-race jitters…

So I am running in the Townsville half marathon this coming Sunday and I was fine until my friend told me that only 220 competed in last year's race.....I found myself rushing to Google the race, checking the results and panicking that I might be last! I haven't had a great week training wise. I... Continue Reading →

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