Settling into a new rhythm and LCHF progress

5 Dec

It has been almost a month since we made our move to the relatively rural Samford area, and we are slowly settling in. My running has been definitely better since moving here  and I am loving running on the trails. 

LCHF update

I started my low carb high fat (LCHF) way of eating back in April and wanted to give an update further to lots of people asking about it. 

My new way of eating has on the whole gone well. There have been challenges at work such as being the only one who doesn’t eat many carbs,  and also with moving – my eating hasn’t been that great with moving – trying to eat low carb high fat the last few weeks presented me with many challenges as as we packed more and more utensils and then I couldnt find things the other end it became easier to eat out or quick and simple food which wasn’t always 100% low carb – but I am back on the straight and narrow now with my banting (another word for lchf) coach helping me to get myself sorted. I am able to eat higher carbs every now and again and still remain fat adapted which is good – as it isn’t always when going to someone’s house for dinner! It does feel anti social at times but my husband and I have found work arounds. 

From a training point of view it is still proving a challenge and getting used to not relying on carbs for training, and also that my speed is not what it was but my endurance is good and the lack of muscle aches is great too (less carbs = less inflamation = less aches after training!).  I’ve lost 8kg and planning on more after Christmas and feel great in myself.

LCHF goal for 2017
I’m thinking about running a longer race next year to test out the fat adaption/keto theory of running on fat rather than carbs. My friends I run with have potentially convinced me to run a marathon so I am just seeing how my training goes for the rest of the year. It would be great to have a big challenge next year! 

So on the whole I don’t miss my carbs but i do sometimes miss the convenience of them. I’ve been caught out a few times and had to either starve or eat a high carb meal so I am learning the tricks and to be a bit more organised now! But I’m getting there!

Getting back into running after moving to a new area

25 Nov

Whatever it is in life we are doing where there are other people involved, there is one thing we tend to want, and that is acceptance. Moving to a new area, starting a new job and even something as simple as finding people to run with can be stressful, and also make you feel vulnerable in terms of change and being the new person.

I’ve been through all three in the last 6 months. It struck me today and that’s why I am writing as I have been feeling a bit down lately and trying to work out why – and I realised it comes down to acceptance and wanting to feel like I fit.

Working for someone else

6-7 months ago I made the decision to go back and work for someone else and to slowly disband my business. I still in some respects feel like the new kid on the block as I am very different to the people I work with. Fitting in has been important to me and I have worked really hard at it but I am not 100% sure I have really accomplished it, but love the job itself so I continue to push for acceptance. I often feel like I say the wrong things and just like I am trying too hard . I’ll get there!

New home

Starting a new job meant that we could move to an area both my husband and I have been wanting to move to for a number of years, and we finally did it about 3 weeks ago. It was very stressful and we are getting to grips with it – but also realising again we are the new people and we don’t know anyone – so we are working hard at getting involved in things to try and fit in and become accepted into the area. We are almost an hour from where we used to live so it is hard to see friends I used to hang out with.

New people to run with

From a running perspective – I was really excited as I know a couple of people that live or run in this area and so was looking forward to be able to start to run with them which has turned out to be great so far. Not everyone has that though and it can be tough if you are used to running with other people and then move to somewhere new.

I guess what I am trying to say is things have been a bit bumpy lately and I never realised how important it was to feel accepted until now. Being that person that is different or new isn’t something I have relished, and I have just tried and wanted to fit in. I am gradually getting there I think but the girls I have started running with have really helped make me feel a lot more settled in myself and less of an outsider in one area of my life at least!

Getting back into running after moving to a new area 

I wanted to share some tips if you are in the same boat as me and have moved to a new area and want to get out and run:

Check out the terrain and routes

If you are a lone runner and are happy to be, then the best way to get into your running in a new area is to have a look on Strava or Map My Run or something similar and check out all the local routes that others have run and have a go!

When I went overseas last year I did a few running routes posted on Strava and it was like a ‘mystery’ run as I had no idea where I was going and it was great fun seeing where I would be taken.

Local Park Runs 

If you are a park runner then check out where your local park runs are and give them a go, it’s a great way to meet other runners too.

Local Running clubs?

Have a look on Facebook or Google local running clubs in the area as there may be some you can join and go along and try out. I found a trail running group that runs on the weekend so joined them this weekend just gone which was great fun.


Running with the #brisbanetrailrunners 

Local Gym or bootcamp?

The way I made friends when I first moved to Australia was actually through a local 12 week Bootcamp I attended. There was a core group of us that hit it off and when the bootcamp finished we carried on training together. Some of the people I am still very good friends with 7 years on!

Anyway this isn’t meant to be a ‘woe is me’ post as I am getting there – I just wanted to share how I am feeling and some helpful tips if you are in the same boat!

Bye for now xx


Running with the #brisbanetrailrunners – another great group of people I have met over this side of town


Moving, snakes, and trail running

22 Nov

What a few weeks it has been. In fact what a year it has been!

I feel like I have neglected both my running and this blog from a consistency point of view. Both have often seemed in the ‘too hard’ bucket at times when I have been tired, demotivated or just darn right fed up. The last month has been a challenge but I think I am finally getting there.

We moved! 

So we moved house to a place 50 mins from where I have lived in Australia for the last 7 years, we moved to the country from the suburbs which has been great from a beautiful area, land, running trails, no more noisy neighbours point of view – but a bit lonely, being the new girl on the block, realising I am far from most things and old friends, having to contend with the idea of snakes and generally that life has now changed point of view.

snake awareness

I even went to a snake awareness day to educate myself on snakes in the area! I know – over paranoid…yes

This post sounds a bit doom and gloom but I promise you it isn’t I am just mentally reflecting.

New friends and trails


I love the new house – we have so much more space, and the area is truly beautiful. I have met a group of girls – two of which I knew previously on Instagram and met at the Gold Coast Marathon too and I have been trying to run 3 times a week with them on the trails which has been awesome – finally people to run with – albeit at 4.30am!

They are also ultra runners which is starting to challenge my thinking, and there is a small part of me that is thinking maybe that could be a goal for me next year – but I really have to see how I go for the rest of this year and be realistic about whether I could fit the training in.

running on the trails

Post training pic with Adele one of my friends aka @sherunsalot – she is a really inspiring ultra runnerūüôā

Running on the trails has been great fun and I love it. It means I can run slower but am essentially working harder and I am seeing the results already. I had a tumble last week but I figure that’s a rite of passage on the trails. It is just so different and liberating – not wearing headphones just running on the tracks, the birds singing, the fresh outdoors – it has been music for the soul.


Loving running on the trails – music for the soul – I look like I am about to slip on this pic!

So that’s me for this post – but I am feeling good and prepared to really get back into consistent training, country life and enjoying the new house. Wishing you a great week of running – more to come soon xx



OOfos OOriginal thong review @oofos

30 Oct

The craziness in my life is intensifying with one week before I move house 50 minutes away. With a busy job, packing and a toddler it has been somewhat challenging to train but I am not stressing about it as one more week and I will hopefully start to have some normality back in my life!

OOfos contacted me a while ago and asked me whether I would be interested in trying their OOfos OOriginal thongs which were great for post training recover. My first thought was:

“recovery thongs! – whatever next!’

But I had a look at their website and loved the designs and also was intrigued by the technology behind the shoe, so I said yes and I waited for my shoes to arrive, when they did I was not disappointed since they were bright pink!!


The Technology

I hadn’t heard of OOfos before but after I expressed interest in the shoes I had a good look into them. The company believed that there was nothing on the market that help with post training recovery and to absorb shock post workout – so they spent time developing a foam technology with a biomechanically engineered footbed and the OOfos footwear was born.

When I looked at the OOfos OOriginal Thong page – they claim to provide unparalleled impact absorption, comfort and support while reducing fatigue and enhancing recovery. They are meant to be good if you have something like plantar faciitis because of the arch support.

Thoughts on look and feel

The thongs themselves were a great colour – I love pink. They look quite clunky in appearance – unlike normal thongs and I wondered how I would go wearing them outside!

I like the fact that they are machine washable and very durable. I had a little accident whilst wearing them earlier this week (more like my son did and I trod in it!) and they washed really well! So that part works wellūüôā (sorry for those of you that are squeamish!).

oofos thongs

Ignore my yucky looking feet – look at the thongs!


I have to say when I first put them on I was amazed and let out a sigh after a training session. They were unbelievable. I literally felt like I was walking on clouds. I initially felt like I was 1o feet tall the first time I wore them but I soon got used to them. They were very comfy but took a few times wearing them to get used to. I liked them too as I normally wear orthotics, so wearing a normal flat thong can often make my feet/legs a bit sore but I didn’t have that with these.

It’s hard to say whether they helped with actual recovery but all I can say is they were very comfortable and I didn’t have achy legs wearing them after a training session. Since first wearing them I wear them all the time when not working or training as they are just super comfortable. I wear them inside and outside and even have matching nail polish!


I really liked these thongs and I wear them most days. They are really comfortable and now it is coming into summer they are perfect to keep my feet cool. I find they are great because they have arch support and comfy to wear post workout – although I couldn’t tell you if they actually help recovery as I don’t tend to ache too much since I started my low carb high fat journey (that’s another story) but I definitely found them comfortable to wear post training.


  • Very comfortable – like walking on air – no aching after training
  • They have arch support which was great for me normally wearing orthotics
  • Helpful for people suffering with plantar fasciitis
  • Machine washable


  • Compared to a normal thong price they are a fair bit more – but you are paying for the technology, the longevity and quality – you get what you pay for
  • Quite different looking to a normal thong – but I got used to them

For more information about the OOfos thongs have a look at

Please note this article contains opinions that are genuinely mine and I was not paid to write this. I tend to review products that I have an interest in and do not endorse things that do not align with my general beliefs.

Crazy times and rural running ahead!

19 Oct

My life is a roller-coaster at the moment! As a result I have neglected my running, this blog and anything that doesn’t involve my job or packing! Yes you heard me right – packing! My family and I are moving in less than 3 weeks.

Going rural

I never thought i would say it but we are moving out to the country! Being a city girl the country has always been fairly foreign to me but a while ago with the help of noisy neighbours we decided it would be good for all of us to have some space, quiet and a change of pace.

So we are moving 50 mins away to the Samford area! I’m kind of excited but scared too. There are new challenges to try out such as really getting back into trail running and new park runs from a running point of view – and the added acreage challenges such as snakes and ride on mowers!

So ¬†I hope you will join me on this journey. I’ll be continuing to write about my running but this time it will be finding my feet in the country! And if you are reading this qnd happen to live around there I am looking forward to getting to know the running communityūüôā

Will write more soon and my next post will be a review of my Oofos recovery shoes. Can’t wait to tell you all about them!

If you don’t follow me on my social media and are interested in entering a competition to win a double ticket to the Brisbane Health and Fitness Expo this weekend have a look on my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages and enter by end of tonight!

Bye for now!

Race Recap – the Dubbo Stampede

11 Sep

I realise it has been a while since I last wrote. I don’t know sometimes how people manage to keep up with everything – I have been finding having a full time job, studying, ¬†a toddler going through trying moments, trying to fit in training as well as numerous other things have kept me away from writing – so since I last wrote I ran a race and I’m going to tell you about it now.

LCHF Update 

I’ve been following a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) way of eating for a while now – I would say properly now for almost 4 months. As a result I have dropped some weight and changed my whole way of thinking about food, carbs and training. It has been a struggle trying to run hard without carbs – but as my body slowly adapts to fat it is becoming a bit easier. So I entered the Dubbo Stampede 10k and it was the furthest (bar the City to South) I had run fairly hard as a race.

Dubbo Stampede

I love Dubbo. I have very good friends that live there so it was an excuse entering the race to go and see them too. It’s got a great country atmosphere and everyone I have met there I always feel like I have known them for a long time!

The Stampede had a number of races within the event including its first year of a full marathon and part of the race was to be around the Dubbo Zoo which I have been to before and it is excellent.

Starting the Race

The Half Marathon and Full had already gone by the time I started my 10k. I was dressed for the north pole as it was really cold for me – although I had to smile lining up with people that were dressed in tiny shorts and singlets – it was clear who the visitor was!

The event was really well organised and I had my coffee and cream prior to the race and lined up ready to go. I took off fairly steady and kept an even pace – I felt quite good considering I had no carbs inside me and quickly got into my running groove. The first section of the race went outside the Zoo and was on a small incline, did a loop back and then it was into the zoo. I felt great except I found I warmed up so ended up having to lose a couple of mins trying to take my gilet off and pinning my number onto my top.

Inside the Zoo was great. I got to see heaps of animals – waved to the rhinos and was still able to push fairly hard although I found my energy started to wane a little bit and it was becoming harder to push – if I slowed back I was ok but I really wanted to push but found I just couldn’t.


Pushing to the finish

Helping People in Need

When I ran the Twilight Half Marathon a while ago I ended up stopping to help a young boy who was in trouble…can you believe the same happened this time…. I think I have a radar for it as again I spotted a young boy – he only looked maybe 9/10 – maybe he was a little bit older but I spotted him staggering as he was running, then stopping and he looked like he was really not well. His face was flushed and his breathing didn’t look good – so I asked him if he was ok and he said “No”. I asked him if anyone was with him and he said his Dad was way back.

He was starting to get teary so I stayed and walked/jogged with him until we found a steward and I left him with the steward and carried on my race again. I struggle with it all as Yes I know we are all there to run a race but it made me sad that no-one had stopped to see if he was ok and is a good race time really worth not helping someone in trouble??

Anyway I got to the last km and decided to push hard to make up some time. I then saw the finish line and pushed as hard as I could. A girl was running next to me and she looked over at me and pushed – so I was like ‘ok honey – it’s game on!’ the inner competitor inside me woke up and I pushed all the way to the finish in front of her – childish I know but it felt goodūüėÄ



All in all I did an ok time – aware that I lost a few minutes here and there – but I do feel confident that I could maybe start to push my distance back up again not relying on carbohydrate. My dream is to do another half marathon or marathon but fat adapted… I know lots of people that have I just have to now put the work in…. watch this space….


My Knight in Shining Armour Around the Lake

21 Aug

The choking incident…

Have you every drunk your water too quickly and it has gone down the wrong way? That’s what happened to me this morning, and I was running at the time. I was just trotting around the lake near where I live and I took a massive gulp of water. Almost immediately I felt my face burn and my throat felt like it was closing up – I realised it wasn’t like normal and I staggered to the side of the path.

I started really coughing and then found myself a little short of breath and really wheezy and making a sound that resembled someone that was on their last legs – and I was fighting for my breath! I noticed a couple of girls walking by me and looked up as if to say HELP but they carried on walking as did another couple, and a guy with a little boy walked by – but then he came back, asked me if I was ok, and I managed to say ‘water gone down wrong way’ ¬†and he basically whacked me on the back a few times and after the third or fourth time I felt much better.

knight in shining armour

ok so he wasn’t riding a horse but you get the idea..

My knight in shining armour! 

I was a bit scared as at one point as unlike other occasions where I have coughed and it has all come good – this didn’t feel right, so very thankful – whoever he is…

It just made me realise how easy it is to just walk on by, and I’ve gotten myself into a few scrapes when running – thankfully most of the time I have been with people – but it did make me think. I always try to stop and help people unless it looks like a dodgy scenario in which case I would call for help – but I kind of wonder have we really got to that point in life where we are afraid (or don’t want to) help people?…sorry rant over.

Learning to have a rest

I was running by myself today as I was meant to be on the Sunshine Coast running a¬†10k race – but I decided a week or two ago not to do it, due to a number of reasons – I knew the week just gone was going to be a crazy one with work¬†–¬†as we were working to a deadline which unfortunately meant a lot of hours (thankfully we made the deadline – yay!) so I knew I would be exhausted (which I am), and also the 10k race didn’t start until 9am which personally I think is nuts. Back in the UK I could have handled it but not in Queensland even in winter. ¬† I would have crashed and burned I think as it has been a warm day and I would have no carbs to pull on.

So I had a nice lie in and woke up and ran at leisure Рit was great bar the choking part! I have another race next weekend so in hindsight it was pretty silly to sign up for two in a row as these days with LCHF eating I do find it harder.

Post race goals

I have a few things on my mind at the moment running wise.

MAF Training

Reading a lot of information about Phil Maffetone and his MAF Method I feel that one session a week might not be the way to go I think I need to go the whole hog. So the plan is to run MAF style over the next few months as much as I can and maybe sneak in the odd park run and then by say end of November – see if it is really making any difference.

LCHF = Endurance not Speed

In addition, with my Low Carb High/Healthy Fat lifestyle I am finding with my running I am slower than I was due to lack of carbs I guess as I just don’t seem to have as much power – but my endurance is ¬†getting really good just at a slower pace. Sometimes I feel once I have found my pace I could keep running and running – so I am also thinking of pushing up the distances again and seeing how I go by the end of the year.

If I find that I am doing ok I might try a half marathon which whilst I have done lots of them would be my first on LCHF, and if that goes well then maybe just maybe I could try for my sixth marathon…..but that is a very slim maybe right now!

Anyway long post for me today – the inner ramblings of the mad running woman….Have a great week!